Oh those trucks !

I am non-stop living inside the CT traffic, morning, midday, evening, night and trucks are everywhere . I am constantly amazed to see  the variety of them and how many ones are out there, almost every day I see something new. Check out the BroomBear, the manufacturer must have played with teddy bears  so much  that he couldn’t resist naming a truck after them.   Look at this huge truck  bringing The New York Times to us. I hope that digital world won’t wipe out the printed one, I prefer to hold books and newspapers in my hands, turn pages back and forth, not worrying about battery life , and not minding smudges of black printer’s ink from my fingertips.

This was the first time I’ve attempted (and what it seems succeeded) to combine photos and text in one post. I hope it worked. And if it worked, watch out, my inner monster is already rubbing hands and planning next blog entry.



3 Responses to “Oh those trucks !”

  1. I spent 27 years as a FEMALE trucker oh what a life I had behind the wheels of my assorted Big Rigs” Thanks for noticing on your trip daily all the miles we put in! 🙂

  2. Thank you , chicquero…I’ll cross over to check your blog

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