Waterfront Poetry

I found poetry in pictures, my beautiful beach where I  am alone, where I dream and wait for words to come to me..




5 Responses to “Waterfront Poetry”

  1. I too like it best when it is cloudy or foggy. That’s why I live where the sun rarely shines. That is why we are hoping to move where it is over 100 degrees most every summer day, and there is no shore to walk on. Well, maybe there is a shore along the river, if it isn’t in flood stage. Need I mention whose idea this is? Meanwhile, I am too overwrought to argue the merits of this plan. And meanwhile, I’ll count on you for lovely pictures of WATER. Love, G.

    • I wouldn’t be able to live without some sort of large body of water nearby… count on me always to provide water-photos 🙂 Lori


  2. Nice shots. I’d love to be there. I’m not a sun person, I love to stroll the beach when it’s overcast or in the middle of winter, bundled up against the blustery wind.

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