Extreme (Tree) Trimming ?

Every here and there our mother – Nature – sends us hurricanes, storms and such gifts of hers. Last year she sent Irene, and Irene proved to be a dutiful daughter, obediently bringing down some trees, some houses, lots of debris. It looked like this:

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Then came Autumn Nor’easter and knocked out more trees, brought down light poles….

And because of Irene and few storms that followed this year, our Governor Malloy decided that trees must be trimmed, future growth planned, get the branches out of the electrical wires, should our Mother Nature decide to send her gifts ahead, we are to be ready, we will cut our trees, move them away, because…..”people….trees grow !”… Hello? Haven’t they known this when trees were planted so close to the wires, to the highways, to the local trees?  Anyway, this is what some of the action brought out so far:

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Now we have artistic looking trees, with huge holes in them, we can see sky in the middle of the tree…are we to be excited with this new look…?



2 Responses to “Extreme (Tree) Trimming ?”

  1. I don’t live in CT but I agree with you 100%.

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