On Another Foggy Day in Connecticut

 I am fascinated by this weird-looking, messy, unkempt, unknown-to-me-trees.

You never know which away will its branches fall, swing, display or hide themselves.

And the road goes on and on, and you glance some buildings, some cars….you are going home…



2 Responses to “On Another Foggy Day in Connecticut”

  1. Makes me think of commuting. The photos tell the story of road travel very nicely. Were you sitting next to the driver? These days I only use the camera while driving on empty roads and that’s still not right, I do shoot nice pictures when my wife drives and it hardly interferes with the conversation. Anyway both the pics and the thoughts with them are familiar to my memories.

    • Hi Joseph, Thanks for visiting and liking my post. I am afraid I was a driver… but the speed was very slow and I have automatic camera so it takes just a second to shoot the photo. I really appreciate your comments and will take a look at your blog very soon. 🙂 Lori


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