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Remembering my Dad….with Autumn Colors and B&W Memories

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Two years ago, on this day, my Dad passed away. I took a long walk down to Woodmont beach, wrote his name in the sand, my messages of love and sadness and took photos that day…perhaps to remember the day, I am not sure … and today, I took the same walk, visited the same places, I did not write in the sand…. the colors of autumn….the colors of memory … surrounded me.

I wonder if I will go next year again, will this urge to record memories  and the colors of His day….persist..

Two years ago

Goodbye Dad

Woodmont…with my Dad on my mind…today



A splash of color in New Haven, CT

Posted in Photography on October 27, 2012 by A Rambling Poet

A splash of color in New Haven, CT.

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