Remembering my Dad….with Autumn Colors and B&W Memories

Two years ago, on this day, my Dad passed away. I took a long walk down to Woodmont beach, wrote his name in the sand, my messages of love and sadness and took photos that day…perhaps to remember the day, I am not sure … and today, I took the same walk, visited the same places, I did not write in the sand…. the colors of autumn….the colors of memory … surrounded me.

I wonder if I will go next year again, will this urge to record memories  and the colors of His day….persist..

Two years ago

Goodbye Dad

Woodmont…with my Dad on my mind…today




6 Responses to “Remembering my Dad….with Autumn Colors and B&W Memories”

  1. Connecticut is truly beautiful this time of year &
    good to hold Daddy in fond photo memory forever…

  2. One friend told me that the pain of loss never really goes away, one just learns to live with it. My thoughts are with you. Rituals are ways by which we cope with our grief and learn to live with it. Yours is exactly what you need. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I’m sorry you lost your father.

    My mother died…I think it was eleven years ago and every year the anniversary was so powerful. I might forget the date in my head but every other part of me remembered. It’s less strong now, but still there.

    Writing in the sand was a lovely thing.

  4. […] Remembering my Dad….with Autumn Colors and B&W Memories. […]

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