B&W Day

7 Responses to “B&W Day”

  1. nutsfortreasure Says:

    I have nominated you for The Blog of The Year 2012 Award
    When you have time it is over at my place

    • Eunice..thank you very much !! ( I am not sure how to claim it 🙂 but very grateful. I hope I can post more and inspire someone as I am constantly inspired by all the wonderful work I see around 🙂 Thanks !

      • nutsfortreasure Says:

        Copy and Paste the original I posted then make a new post and click Paste into body of post save draft then go back to draft and pass the love to others deserving save draft go copy and paste another on your list go back to draft paste their name in over and over till you have given award as much as you care too and if you use facebook click on that part and JOIN US : Email me if you need help this is a big deal to receive and with each person who sees fit to recognize you you will get another star!


        and you are very welcome I have 500+ followers and could not list each and everyone who mean the world to me but you were on the list not to forget 🙂

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