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KLAPAThe Croatian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 presented today during a live TV show press conference. The show was actually funny as the lights went off during the presentation! Klapa s Mora Ensemble presented in play back their song for Malmoe, titled Mizerija. The song is somehow interesting (the vocals were amazing although playback) for the hard core Eurofans but I guess it will be boring enough (in terms of outdated music style) to score high in the scoreboard.

First tenor – Marko Škugor, from klapa Kampanel
Second tenor – Ante Galić, from klapa Sinj
First baritone – Nikša Antica, from klapa Kampanel
Second baritone – Leon Bataljaku, from klapa Crikvenica
Bass – Ivica Vlaić, from klapa Sebenico
Bass – Bojan Kavedžija, from klapa Grdelin

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