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The Ethical Job Resignation

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In these times of meta-fast living, some things should remain the same, and one of these is a decent way to resign from your job. We’ve all heard the old slogan “Leave all the doors open”. Whether it’s a cliché or not doesn’t matter, it’s alright to stick to some clichés, just as it’s sometimes right to bend the rules and change the existing status quo.

open doors

Two weeks ago I submitted a resignation to my boss with a standard two-week notice. Almost all endings are sad or at least bitter sweet. Looking back to when I began my job my intention was to work in my company until I retire. I doubt that many think about leaving or quitting when they start a new job. We work and stay in our positions, progress and move up the ladder of success. Or we stagnate for reasons out of our control, or life circumstances change and at some point in life we realize that we’ll have to change the job eventually.

If you work in a competitive industry, the worst possible situation for your current boss, manager, supervisor, company owner etc, is when you are moving to a new job with a competitor. I can only imagine the kind of thoughts and worries going through their minds, the need to protect the intellectual property, to keep current customers, to safeguard the values important to the company and vulnerability in a competitive marketplace. That is why very often managers don’t allow you to work for two weeks, but prefer to walk you out of the door, say goodbye and good luck, and close the door behind you. You shouldn’t take that personally, it is common practice and considering the fact that many employees aren’t ethical or decent, it is often a sensible decision.

However, at times, your current manager will choose to take the risk and keep you around for two weeks because it is important to him and the company to smoothly finalize all open jobs, to satisfy customer’s needs and prepare the field for new employee who’ll step into your shoes. If this is the case, then respect the trust your boss has placed in you. He or she is showing that you are trusted to continue to work ethically up to the very last moment; you should return that trust, do your work, finish all open projects and finish out your notice by doing your job as you have always done it. Believe me; you will feel better by doing so, even proud for giving your best effort and knowing that you have left with your good reputation enhanced. Your boss will appreciate your diligence, and your customers will be grateful. As a bonus, you can be certain that if you ever need a reference, this is one ex-boss that will give you one.

I was the last to leave the office today, my desk full of lovely gifts, bouquet of gorgeous roses from my boss, a bottle of wine from my closest colleague, a shawl from ladies in the office, cookies, thank-you cards, but most of all, smiles, hugs and good luck wishes. We laughed and recollected events and stories from our many years of working together, spoke about future plans, made promises to stay in touch and meet from time to time. I sent off my last quotes, my last emails, finalized billings, and closed my file, And then logged out of my computer, cleaned up my desk for the last time, turned the lights off and walked away smiling. There will be challenges ahead for my former colleagues and for myself, and we will manage them. This much I know.


Avoiding Nemo – The Photo Saga – Blizzard of 2013 hits Milford, CT

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We expected a lot of snow,but not this much .

Whiteness in sepia

It started snowing  on Friday morning 2/8/13 and stopped on Saturday, sometimes  around 14:00 here , in Milford CT.

I haven’t seen this much snow here since I moved to CT in 1999.

guest parking lot

Actually,  I can recall only 2-3 times in my lifetime when snow-covered the cars as much. If I were 19 years old I’d probably have a party and completely enjoy it, but after you hit 50+ and have not spent your life on the ski slopes, you practically like to see snow from your window, with a hot cup of tea, or coffee or anything as long as you are safely in your home and away from this white damage.

window mess

Anyway, I said, this was a photo-saga, not a rambling saga, so here come the photos (and if I knew how to post a slide show, instead of gallery, I would do it, but the little slide show button disappeared and I can’t find it .

window 2

Oh, by the way, as I write this, the workers are outside on our parking lot and they are digging out our cars from under the snow mountains, the sound of machines beeping and making a noise was never as welcomed as it is now. Tomorrow, I will take my camera again and take a photo of their wonderful work .

I was so happy to stay at home.....but I had to go outside and snap photos, and by the way, have you seen my Snowman ?

I was so happy to stay at home…..but I had to go outside and snap photos, and by the way, have you seen my Snowman ?

Digital Camera bbq anyone Digital Camera Digital Camera cane deep 2 car under the snow Digital Camera hello neighbors-sepia ice front entrance is it a  car or a bush Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera parking lot real deep side entrance side steps side view Digital Camera Digital Camera snow cars Digital Camera Digital Camera Digital Camera white ghosts Window 1 window drifts

Be safe and warm, New Englanders……we’ve got through this. We won !

Writing Ispiration

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writing black borderWrite bwwriting on the wall

Shakesbear And Framed Girl

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When Art and Literature Meet in a Fun Way

Art  Bear and more


Selecting your reading material…

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Is fun !

Art Words Love foreverMagazine OverloadReading in a bathmags1Prepare to be amazedMess and Readingreading in bed 2Will you open meTreasures and PleasuresWhat ifSweet Dreams


Remembering my Dad….with Autumn Colors and B&W Memories

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Two years ago, on this day, my Dad passed away. I took a long walk down to Woodmont beach, wrote his name in the sand, my messages of love and sadness and took photos that day…perhaps to remember the day, I am not sure … and today, I took the same walk, visited the same places, I did not write in the sand…. the colors of autumn….the colors of memory … surrounded me.

I wonder if I will go next year again, will this urge to record memories  and the colors of His day….persist..

Two years ago

Goodbye Dad

Woodmont…with my Dad on my mind…today



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